Meet The Staff



MICHAEL KALATHAS ­ Co-­founder, Executive Director & Executive Chef

Michael Kalathas is a second­generation Greek­American, the son of Kostadino “Charley” and Alexandria Kalathas. He is brother to Bill and Carol Kalathas, and proud father of daughters Alexia and Costadina Kalathas. A native of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Mike is a graduate of Chambersburg Area Senior High School, and the Culinary Institute of America.  He has been in the restaurant business his entire life, and owns and runs several restaurants in the greater Chambersburg area, including The Orchards Restaurant and Banquet Hall and the Relax Lounge and Grill, both in Chambersburg, and the University Grille and the One Bean Espresso Bar, both in Shippensburg.  In addition Mike runs the dining services for the Chambersburg Country Club.  He is also the founder and owner of Costa, Inc., a restaurant development, operating and consulting company.



GEOF LAMBERT- Co-founder, Director of Development & Foodwellness

Chambersburg native, Geof Lambert, BS, Syracuse University, started his professional career washing dishes at the Jersey Shore, and worked his way up to various chef positions at restaurants and food companies throughout the United States and the Caribbean. In addition to his work as a chef, Geof has hosted cooking segments on FOX TV in California, and  help produced a TV show on regional restaurants and food companies, and he has a wealth of experience in the marketing and technology areas of the food and foodservice industries in Franklin County, PA. He has worked in many segments of foodservice, from white tablecloth fine dining to fast food at places like the Thousand Island Club Resort, EJ’s Grill, Little Caesars, Bob Evans, The Orchards and Syracuse University Foodservice. Throughout his professional career and personal life Lambert has made his mark by being passionate about making change for the Greater Good through the use of food, technology and innovation. As a social entrepreneur Lambert has been closely aligned with and has been an evangelist for some of the world’s most profound technologies, and he has worked closely with a number of local and international foundations to help improve quality of life for many around the globe. Starting from Chambersburg in the late 1970’s as a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Europe, Lambert has been involved with many nonprofit and educational organizations and foundations. For over 50 years his family has been involved with many facets of learning in Chambersburg, with his father presiding over the Chambersburg Area School District (CASD) board, and serving on the board of directors of the Franklin County Career and Technology Center for years, and his mother being one of the first kindergarten teachers in the CASD, and a private piano teacher in Chambersburg for decades. Both of Geof’s parents and himself have volunteered countless hours in Chambersburg for a multitude of local community and global organizations


ERIC MONN ­ Director of Culinary Learning

Chef Eric is the executive chef of The Orchards in Chambersburg which with its 22,000 square feet of space under roof is one of the largest restaurants in the Franklin County region. It serves customers through the main Orchards Dining Room, the Civil War Lounge, Relax Grill, Orchards Banquet Hall, and Orchards Catering Services. Eric graduated from Le Cordon Blu in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been a part of the culinary operations at The Orchards for over a decade.


LUIS GAMBOA ­ Associate Director of Culinary Learning

A native of Mexico, Luis is a true American success story.  As a first generation immigrant to United States, Luis managed to break the language and cultural barriers of rural South Central Pennsylvania to work productively in the restaurant business and start a family in Chambersburg. He cut his teeth as a dishwasher at The Orchards and now is second in command of the kitchen and serves as the executive chef of the Chambersburg Country Club when the club is open in season.


MICHELE MALONE ­ Director of Banquet Management Learning

As the manager of banquet services for The Orchards Banquet Halls, Michele has organized and executed a vast assortment of events both large and small in Chambersburg. Her experience ranges from a small simple wedding ceremony to multi­day events on behalf of large corporations and businesses in the region. For decades both individuals and organizations have been able to count on her eye for detail and leave their stress and worries behind when having events at The Orchards.  Residing in Mercersburg, Michele has had her finger on the pulse of the Franklin County region for decades.


MICHELE ALVAREZ ­ Director of Restaurant Management Learning

Michele is the manager of The Orchards.  Her domain and responsibilities encompass the entire restaurant. She is responsible for all the day to day operations at The Orchards, which encompasses training and managing the restaurant and lounge servers, the marketing of special restaurant events and entertainment, and she oversees menu development throughout the course of the year.  She began as a server many years ago, and over the years has become an integral part of the success of the restaurant and its operations. Michele and her family, her husband and son, reside in Marion, Pennsylvania.