• Areas of Focus

Students will learn by way of being paired on a rotating basis with kitchen, dining room and management professionals in one of the largest restaurants in Franklin County, The Orchards.  For sake of specialization and putting students in areas of their best potential for success, each academic year class will be divided into two tracks:


  • Culinary/Kitchen

Students will be immersing themselves in culinary/kitchen operations, working directly side-by-side with experienced culinary professionals, many of whom have been schooled at top culinary programs and worked for some of the most successful foodservice operations in the United States.  They will learn the fundamentals of food safety and kitchen management.  In the culinary world they will be  working as proteges with sous chefs, amuse chefs, banquet chefs, bakery chefs, grill chefs, saute chefs, and executive chefs.


  • Dining Room/Management

Students will be learning the fundamentals of managing a restaurant from the ground up. They will learn by working side-by-side with professionals experienced for decades in all facets of serving, management, staffing, marketing, accounting, purchasing and technology for food service operations.